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5 factors that cause spots on your face

5 factors that cause spots on your face

The spots that appear on your face are due to several causes.  Knowing the factors that cause them will let you know how to treat them.  We tell you in the next article.
The spots on the face are due to an overproduction of melanin, a chemical component that gives color to human skin, concentrated in a specific area.  Hyperpigmentation of spots can be caused by exposure to the sun or a hormonal imbalance, among other factors.
While irregular pigmentation is usually associated with skin aging spots can appear on the face at the end of adolescence and whatever the type of skin.
Skin pigmentation disorders are common .  However, as they do not have serious consequences, apart from the aesthetic disadvantages , there is no need to worry excessively when they appear.

5 factors that cause spots on your face

These are some of the factors that cause spots on the face.  Take note and try to take them into account to reduce the spots!

1.  Hormones

Hormonal changes are the most frequent cause of the appearance of spots on the face.  In addition, birth control pills and some medications that alter the hormonal balance can cause brown spots when exposed to sunlight.
You should bear in mind that  hormonal activity can also reveal melasma, a form of irregular pigmentation that affects some pregnant women.

2.  Sun exposure

One of the factors of the spots on the face is the uneven exposure to sunlight that causes an inhomogeneous production of melanin .  Excessive exposure to the sun plays a critical role in the formation of all types of skin spots.
The daily application of sunscreen or a day cream with a high protection index is recommended, especially if you enjoy a sunny climate.  It is also considered appropriate to apply a moisturizer with a medium protection factor, even during the winter months.

3.  Acne

Exposure to the sun of an irritated or inflamed grain can cause hyperpigmentation.  It is another of the common causes that cause the appearance of brown spots on the skin.
Keep in mind that  the grains should not be touched, as they can leave spots on the face due to the stress of the skin.  Therefore, we recommend treating them with specific products.

4.  Inadequate diet

Food is key in all aspects of our life.  Also, you should know that a bad diet, coupled with a deficit of some nutrients, can cause the appearance of spots on the face.
In these cases, we recommend carrying out small changes in the diet that include healthy foods of all kinds, in order to make the spots on the face disappear gradually.

5.  Artificial light

Finally, you should know that artificial light can also cause the appearance of spots on the face,  although to a lesser degree than natural light.
Certainly, all types of light increase the generation of melanin .  In this sense, it is necessary to protect the face with products with sunscreen throughout the day, even in spaces with artificial light.

Treatments to reduce spots on the face

The treatment of brown spots is not mandatory, as they have no health consequences, but often pose an aesthetic problem.
If you want to reduce the spots on the face, some natural ingredients are effective .  They can be applied as preventive or curative in the form of a mask:

  • White clay
  • Lemon
  • Celery essential oil
  • aloe vera
  • Oats
  • Pineapple
  • Parsley
  • Onion
  • Argan oil
Note: Avoid exposing yourself to the sun after using these masks, as this could make the situation worse.
On the other hand, to reduce the spots on the face it is possible to use specific creams that reduce the formation of melanin and diffuse pigmentation.  Do not forget that these products should not be applied for a long period of time.  On the other hand, and although it is not necessary, the laser can also be used as a solution to reduce the spots on the face.
Finally, remember that when you notice the appearance of spots on the face the most important thing is that you contact a dermatologist as soon as possible, with the aim of performing  an analysis and relevant tests.  Understanding the magnitude of the problem, the causes and intervening with a diagnosis and a specific therapy is vital to reduce and combat the appearance of spots on the face.

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