Thursday, November 29, 2018

6 recommendations to keep your face hydrated if it's sunny

Keeping your face hydrated in sunny weather will prevent skin damage and will provide protection when you go out.  Remember to moisturize both outside and inside.

We must take care of all our skin, emphasizing that of the face by being more exposed to atmospheric agents.  There are a variety of options to achieve this goal and an important key to your care is to keep your face hydrated.
During the summer, the sun's rays are stronger and more aggressive with our skin and damage it almost without realizing it.
To enjoy life outdoors without remorse, protect our skin preventively.  During the summer season , we are more exposed to the sun .  It is in these days when we must increase our protection to avoid the mistreatment and deterioration of our skin.
Let us assume the responsibility that we have to take care of ourselves to enjoy optimal health.  Let's see together how to keep the face hydrated and protect the skin.

6 tips for a hydrated face

1.  Use sunscreen

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving, to keep the skin protected from the sun's rays. Sunscreen will help moisturize the skin and promote the production of melanin .
The use of the sun protection factor varies depending on the time of year.  On days when the sun is less intense we should apply an SPF of between 15 and 30, and at the time when the sun's rays are more perpendicular, we should apply SPF 50.

2.  Hydrate correctly

You should drink water even if you do not feel thirsty, because water is the motor of the body .  In this time of great heat, the skin becomes easily dehydrated and our face immediately reflects it.
Carrying a small bottle of water with  you daily will help you remember that your body needs to hydrate.  Drink constantly, because heat demands more water consumption.  Do not get dehydrated and enjoy the summer.

3.  Take care of your diet

Maintaining a balanced diet and increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits during these days will help keep your face hydrated from within.
Fruits such as melon, watermelon, oranges and tangerines provide a lot of liquid and contribute to the hydration of your skin.  Consume these foods daily and you will have a healthy body.

4.  Put on accessories

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun between eleven in the morning and two in the afternoon . Between those hours the sun's rays are very strong.
The use of hats, caps, glasses and umbrellas is the most advisable to shelter under shade.  There are a variety of colors and models that you can combine with your summer outfit.  Protect your face with these accessories and thus avoid dehydration in the skin.

5.  Use moisturizing lotion

A good moisturizing lotion is an excellent option to protect the face.  Hot air on those sunny days tends to dry out our skin, giving it a scaly and cracked appearance.
We must remember to use moisturizers both day and night,  as this helps preserve the essential oils of the skin giving it a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.  The area of ​​the eyes is the most delicate skin and a specific cream should be used for it.
It is also important to exfoliate the face to eliminate dead cells and contribute to the regeneration of the skin . This allows the best use of the products you apply to keep it healthy and look radiant.

6.  Protect your lips

The lips are part of your face and your skin is very delicate .  Apply the traditional butter or cocoa cream when you go to expose yourself to the sun.  Take care of them so they always have a smooth texture.
In addition to these recommendations for the care of the skin of the face while we are exposed to the sun, an adequate cleaning of the body must be carried out.
When returning home we must remove the products that we apply to protect us from the sun with the use of a special soft soap for the skin.
To keep your face hydrated, sleep 8 hours a day .  Adjust your biological clock to get it.

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