Biotin is a B group vitamin that is essential for an adequate psychological well-being and good physical performance.  It is also very important for the health of the skin or nails.
Biotin is an essential vitamin for the body.  In this article we will explain the importance of maintaining a good level of biotin.  Eat and give comfort to the body.
Biotin (also called vitamin B7, B8 and H) is a water-soluble vitamin that is part of the vitamin B complex. These are a group of essential nutrients needed for metabolic, nervous, digestive and cardiovascular functions.
This vitamin is a fundamental coenzyme for our body, since it helps us to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and amino acids .
In addition, it is responsible for converting glucose into energy .  Therefore, it plays a very important role when it comes to carrying out physical activities and maintaining an adequate psychological functioning.
It also helps maintain healthy skin cells or nails and is also a direct agent of the creation of hemoglobin.
One of the ways to have a good level of biotin is through food.  Among the foods rich in this vitamin we find:
  • Liver
  • Soy
  • Egg
  • Fruits
  • Nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios)
  • Salmon
  • Whole grains
  • Avocado
  • Cauliflower
The consumption of these foods will help you maintain a good level of biotin .  Here we will explain the importance of this vitamin to the body.

Help improve our hair

Biotin is known to have a large number of properties that favor hair .  Thus, it contributes to strengthening, growth and gives it greater brightness.
Therefore, the consumption of vitamin B7 or biotin as a natural supplement can be beneficial in the face of hair loss.  All in all, it is best to always consult our doctor before you start taking supplements.

Helps de-stress and fight anxiety

In the day to day we live under a lot of stress and some anxiety, whether for work, family or other reasons.  It is normal in life, but high levels of stress or anxiety can lead to serious problems.
Consuming foods that contain biotin can help us fight stress and reduce fatigue and sadness.
The absence of vitamins in our body can promote depression, because it causes weakness.  Therefore, it is recommended to include biotin and other nutrients in our daily diet.
This can be a good complement to the treatment we are following if we suffer from chronic depression.

Accelerates our metabolism

It is essential in our body, since it  helps to accelerate our metabolism and, therefore, to improve intestinal functioning. 
It is also responsible for leveling the metabolism, as well as the production of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids.

It can work as a natural analgesic

Biotin can work as an analgesic and relieve muscle pain. 
Maintaining a good level of biotin will help you perform exercises and create a greater sense of well-being.  Eat healthy and exercise: your body will appreciate it.

It is important for the skin

The intake of biotin has many benefits for the skin.  For example, when  eating foods that contain this vitamin, we will be helping to combat  dermatitis .  This is due to its analgesic properties that help relieve irritation.  In addition, this enzyme also helps us reduce stress, one of the possible causes of dermatitis.
It also allows to combat  dry skin and prevent irritation, cracking or other skin infections.
It is important to note that excessive consumption of biotin can cause acne especially in the face area, so it should not be abused.  You must be careful with the consumption of fats to avoid the appearance of acne.  It is best to always go to the doctor to recommend the most appropriate dose.

It helps blood circulation

The lack of biotin in our body is related to the risk of anemia.  This vitamin contributes to the creation of hemoglobin and therefore also adjusts blood levels in the body.
In addition, biotin facilitates the generation of energy through glucose ,  so it would help prevent diabetic neuropathy.
Also, blood circulation can also improve with the consumption of biotin.

Strengthens our nails

As with our hair, biotin helps in the health of our nails .  This is because the cells responsible for its growth regenerate thanks to this vitamin. 

Helps protect brain function and fight cognitive decline

Biotin benefits the health of the nervous system due to its role in nerve signaling and neurotransmitter activity.  Thus, it influences the function of memory and defends us against cognitive deterioration related to age , such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia.
However, although this vitamin can help us in different areas of the body,  having an excessive level of biotin can be harmful.  In some people it can generate allergic reactions, stomach pains, diarrhea and mild nausea.  In addition, diabetics should not consume biotin in excess because it increases glucose and fatty acids in the body.
It is best to consult our doctor before starting to take biotin supplements.  This can be very beneficial, but in adequate amounts.