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3 solutions with mint for digestive problems

Thanks to its properties, mint is one of the best natural remedies for digestive problems. In addition to its infusion, we can take advantage of it in multiple ways.
Mint is a very refreshing plant that has very beneficial properties.  Today we will focus on some solutions with mint for digestive problems that will allow us to deal with them effectively.
Digestive inconveniences are quite frequent .  Many people have to face this type of discomfort after eating.  Some of the most common are abdominal distention , constipation, diarrhea, heartburn or pain in the abdomen.
In many cases their triggers are unknown; It is only known that they are very uncomfortable and cause too much pain.  Discover these three solutions with mint for digestive problems that will help you deal with these problems.

Mint for digestive problems

1.  Infusion with mint

The first remedy with mint for digestive problems is also the best known.  The infusion of mint is very simple to make and, really, has very powerful effects.
If you suffer from abdominal distension or heavy digestion, taking this infusion with mint will help you avoid gas and feel lighter after meals.
It is possible to prepare this infusion with mint to take before or after meals.  From here, we advise you to do it later, since it will be there when most of the digestive problems manifest themselves.  To make it, you just have to get the ingredients and follow the steps that we expose below.


  • 2 branches of fresh mint
  • 2 cups of water (500 ml)
  • Honey (optional)


  • Put a saucepan on the fire with water and the two branches of fresh mint and bring to a boil.
  • When it boils, turn off the heat and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture and add honey if desired.
The usual thing is that, unless other people drink the infusion, it ends up being too much.  To store it, it must be placed in an airtight container .

2.  Chew mint

Suffering heartburn is something quite annoying .  That burning sensation in the stomach makes us feel nothing right.  Therefore, if you are away from home, chewing mint leaves can be an option to alleviate the discomfort.
Although this is usually recommended for bad breath, the truth is that it will bring a great sense of relief.  It is a better alternative than drugs or pills that we can use for acidity.
Another benefit of chewing mint leaves is that it reduces dizziness and nausea.  These symptoms can occur when you suffer from heartburn or have eaten too much.

3.  Peppermint oil

Another solution with mint for digestive problems is its oil format.  It can be found in any natural store , although it is also possible to make it homemade.


  • Mint leaves
  • 1 glass jar
  • Base oil (olive, almonds, etc.)


  • Cut and wash the mint leaves well.
  • Place them in the jar and crush.
  • Add the base oil in the jar with the mint leaves, until covered.
  • Close the bottle and let it sit for 24 hours.
  • The next day, strain the oil and add more leaves again .
  • Repeat this process for a week.
  • When the oil is ready, store in a cool, dark place.
When you feel bloated, with gas or acidity, you can take a teaspoon of this oil .  The relief will be instantaneous and very refreshing.  If you find it too tedious to make your own homemade oil you can, as we mentioned before, buy it.

Why mint?

Peppermint has properties that have been the subject of many studies.  For example, this thesis reveals many of the benefits of mint and points out some properties that make it ideal to treat digestive problems.
In this work, it is exposed that mint has antispasmodic properties, which relieves colic that can be felt in the stomach.  It is also considered to be very appropriate to eliminate nausea.
On the other hand, something essential that gets the mint is to increase the production of bile .  This allows to accelerate the decomposition of the food and, therefore, makes the digestion is done more quickly, to avoid the feeling of being full.
What the aforementioned thesis also points out is that mint is not a stimulating plant , so it is suitable for people suffering from a lot of stress.  Without a doubt, this herb is an excellent option.

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