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4 remedies with plants to take care of the beauty of your hair

If you opt for the egg mask remember to wash the hair with cold water to prevent it from cooking.  Otherwise, it will solidify and cost us to withdraw it
Hair is the image of beauty and shows health .  Although it suffers from the effects of the passage of time, if we take care of it and nourish it every day, we will be able to preserve its vigor and shine.
As you know, common facts such as the continuous use of dyes, the dryer , or the hair straighteners end up punishing it.  Hence the need to use these products as little as possible, and make use of appropriate home remedies that are always so useful to us.

We are sure that these simple remedies based on medicinal plants will help you, and you will come very well to continue enjoying an attractive mane.


You can find thyme both in natural stores and in products already prepared in pharmacies for hair health.
  • This medicinal plant has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • Thyme can act as a good hair softener.
  • If you have dry and punished hair, it will be very useful.

How to make a repairing mask for hair


  • 1 glass of thyme infusion  (200 ml)
  • The yolk of an egg
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil (5 g)


  • The first thing we will do is the thyme infusion.  For this you just have to boil a glass of water and add a spoonful (10 g) of the thyme plant.  Once ready, reserve and let it cool.
  • Separate the yolk of an egg and mix it with those 5 g of olive oil.
  • Finally, mix the yolk of the egg and the oil well together with the infusion that we have made with the thyme.  To make it smooth, you can use the blender.
  • With damp hair, make a good massage with this preparation, letting it impregnate the scalp.  Allow it to act for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Rosemary to combat hair loss

Are you at that time when you notice how your hair falls out when brushing or after each shower?  Do not worry.  It is common that hair loss is due to stress or hormonal changes .
A simple remedy is to make a rosemary water to stimulate growth and strengthen the hair bulb .  For this you will only have to follow these simple guidelines.


  • 2 branches of rosemary
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


  • It is very simple.  Just make an infusion with the branches of rosemary and water for 20 minutes, then let it cool.
  • Apply on damp hair doing a deep massage for 15 minutes.  After that time, rinse and wash your hair with your usual moisturizing shampoo.

Sage to prevent and treat dandruff

They usually say that sage is the woman's plant but, did you also know that it is ideal to bring vigor and shine to the hair?  And not only that, thanks to its natural enzymes and its vitamins it allows us to regulate the excess of dandruff .
Take note of how you can get it.


  • 1 spoonful of sage  (10 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (20 g)
  • The first thing we will do is our sage infusion.  It has no great difficulty.  Simply heat the water and add the sage to infuse over 20 minutes.
  • After that time, let cool to then add those two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply on wet hair, let it act for half an hour, then rinse with warm water and wash normally.  Repeat 3 times per week.

Nopal for dyed and punished hair

If you have been dyeing your hair for many years, do not hesitate to try this simple cactus-based remedy.  This plant has an excellent composition to repair all types of hair damaged by the sun, dyes or the use of the dryer.
  • The nopal is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins A, B, B2, C and K and chlorophyll.
  • Nourishes, repairs and strengthens hair
  • In addition, the cactus will help us fight against hair loss and offer an attractive volume.


  • 3 tablespoons of the interior gel of a cactus leaf  (30 g)
  • 5 drops of coconut essential oil


  • The nopal is very similar to aloe vera.  To get your translucent gel from inside, you should use a knife, being careful not to hurt yourself.  Once opened, take three tablespoons of your pasta from the center.
  • Take them to a bowl or a bowl and, once there, include 5 drops of coconut essential oil that you will find in natural stores or specialized beauty shops.  It is ideal to take care of the beauty of your hair.
  • Mix the two components trying to get a cream or a homogeneous paste.
  • Finally, apply on damp hair, from the root to the tips, as it was a mask.  Let it act for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply your usual shampoo.  Repeat 2 times per week.

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