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6 medicinal applications of tea tree oil that you will like to know

The treatment of acne is perhaps the most well-known use of tea tree oil but there are many others.  Do you want to know them? 
The oil Tea tree is a medicinal and therapeutic, obtained through the distillation of the leaves and bark of a small Australian tree known as Melaleuca Alternifolia. These provide an antiseptic, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory product that, for decades, has been used as a solution to combat infectious agents and skin problems.
It is used externally, almost always diluted or accompanied with other ingredients. In addition, it can be found in commercial creams and ointments, since the industry has taken advantage of its qualities to provide effective treatments against common skin conditions .  The best thing is that it is usually found easily in herbal shops and, for a small fee, it is a remedy that can be kept in the first aid kit for emergencies.
Taking into account that some are still unaware of its benefits, in the next space we want to share its 7 main medicinal uses.

1.  Treatment for acne

The antimicrobial compounds of this natural product help to reduce the bacteria that accumulate on the skin and that influence the appearance of acne pimples.  Tea tree oil  decreases inflammation and facilitates the cleaning of pores , regulating excessive production of fat.

Tea tree oil is one of the most used remedies to eliminate acne

How to use?

Put a couple of drops on a cotton swab and apply it on the grains, 2 or 3 times a day.

2.  Remedy for onychomycosis

The antifungal action of tea tree oil often helps eliminate fungi that affect the structure of the nails.  Its daily use, undiluted, attacks these microorganisms and stops their infection and proliferation . The portal of the Dermatology Service of Hospital del Mar (Barcelona) explains the following:
In most cases (90%) [these infections] are caused by fungi that can also affect the skin and hair, called dermatophytes; in the remaining cases (10%) they are produced by yeasts (Candida) and non-dermatophyte filamentous fungi (molds).

How to use?

Moisten a cotton with the product and rub it on the affected nails, twice a day.  Do the treatment, at least, for 3 months in a row.

3.  Fights dandruff with tea tree oil

For its ability to fight fungi, this ingredient can be used as a solution for the annoying dandruff that forms on the scalp.  Its application calms the sensation of itching and slows down the excessive production of fat.

How to use?

Incorporate 10 or 12 drops of the product in your regular shampoo and apply it until you control the problem.

4.  Treatment for cuts and wounds

The tea tree is a natural antiseptic that prevents skin infections in cases of cuts and superficial wounds.

Tea tree oil is a good treatment for cuts and wounds

How to use?

  • Dilute the oil in a little water and wash the wound
  • When it is already healing, dilute it in aloe vera juice or coconut oil
  • Use it until the skin recovers completely

5.  Remedy for sunburn

The application of this ingredient on burned skin accelerates the process of cell regeneration and prevents the formation of blisters and infections.

How to use?

Combine equal parts of tea tree oil and water and spray on burns 2 times a day.  Use it until the skin heals completely.

6.  Treatment to eliminate warts

While it is not possible to remove the warts overnight, the application of this essential oil can help soften the hardness so that it falls out faster.  Its antiviral compounds slow down the growth of the viruses that form this problem and, incidentally, prevents it from spreading to other areas of the skin.

The application of tea tree oil on warts helps its disappearance by softening it

How to use?

Moisten a piece of cotton with undiluted tea tree oil and fix it on the wart with a bandage.  Remove it the next day and repeat the process until it disappears completely.
As you have seen, this product is very versatile and can help you solve some common health problems.
Keep it at hand and use it when you need to disinfect the skin or fight external infections.

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