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6 reasons not to throw the skin of the potato ever again

To take full advantage of the benefits of the skin of the potato, it is very important that we obtain those of ecological origin in order to avoid dangers due to the use of pesticides.
We often waste parts of foods that have medicinal uses, such as peels or seeds.  In this article, we recommend not to waste the skin of the potato , which can be an excellent remedy for some disorders.
Discover 6 surprising uses of potato skin, both as a food and as a topical remedy.  Its high content of vitamin C, enzymes and fiber, among other nutrients , makes it a great treatment for health and beauty. 
Potatoes of organic quality
First of all, we must emphasize that it is always fundamental to choose foods of organic or ecological quality .  This is even more important if we are going to consume the peeling of vegetables.  Although this part is very rich in nutrients, it is also where pesticides, waxes and other chemicals accumulate.
The potato is usually one of the plant foods that contain the most pesticides .  Also, unfortunately, they can not be eliminated by washing them.  For this reason, we recommend choosing organic potatoes so that they do not harm our health.

Benefits of potato skin

1.  Source of vitamin C

The potato is an excellent source of vitamin C. However, this nutrient is found in its peeling, so we lose it if we peel it or cook it too much.  The ideal is to cook and consume them always with skin to preserve their properties to the maximum .
Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant .  That is, it helps us fight the aging that free radicals cause us.  In addition, it also improves the health of the skin and prevents disorders such as psoriasis or eczema.

2.  Rich in fiber

The skin of the potato is very rich in fiber, which is essential for a good intestinal transit.  In addition, today our diet is increasingly refined and rich in white flours.  In this sense, consuming the peeling of the potato can be very beneficial to prevent constipation .
Fiber is very important in a healthy diet.  Your daily consumption helps us maintain a balanced weight and increases our feeling of fullness .  In this way we can control the appetite without going hungry, in a very healthy way.

3. It  can help control blood sugar

Although potatoes have a high glycemic index, if we consume their peeling we will reduce these levels thanks to their fiber content.  People who must control sugar know that potatoes are a food they must control or avoid.  However, we must also take into account the regulatory properties of its peeling .
Consuming the skin of the potato could be beneficial for those who suffer from insulin resistance or want to prevent disorders such as diabetes.
Remember that the potato should be consumed in moderation, especially in cases of diabetes, but if we do it is better to do it with skin.

4.  Remedy for bags and dark circles

Thanks to its high antioxidant content and its anti-inflammatory properties , potato skin is a simple and economical remedy for the dermis.  In this case, we recommend its use to prevent or reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes.
  • If we tend to suffer from this aesthetic problem, we recommend applying a piece of potato peel in the area for 10 minutes .  We can get an immediate improvement and also a deeper effect in the long term if we are constant.

5.  Natural exfoliant

Although the best known exfoliants have a rough texture, some plant foods also allow us to make a  natural peel  thanks to its enzyme content.  We just have to rub the skin of the potato on the clean and dry face and let it act for 5 minutes , then rinse it.
This remedy is ideal for all skin types .  If we have too much fat it will help us control the sebum without altering the pH of the skin.  On the other hand, if we have dry or sensitive skin, we will be able to clean the pores without drying or irritating the skin.

6.  Remedy for wounds

Finally, we must know that the skin of the potato is also an effective remedy to treat  wounds at home.  Its vitamin C content helps healing.

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