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Amazing natural remedies for joint pain

Joint pains can cause terrible discomfort.  However, there are several natural remedies that can alleviate them.
Joint pain is a malaise that many people suffer daily , which affects their quality of life.  There is no tranquility, it is constant.  The list of places where it is generated most often is long, but we assure you that today you will discover how to alleviate it.
The ankles, knees, elbow wrists, shoulders and a long etcetera.  With acute pain, in the form of punctures, with inflammation and perhaps contracture or rigidity, the joint pain makes time go by more slowly.
This pain is the cause of many medical consultations that without a good treatment lead to chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis or other types of rheumatic diseases.  Although it is impossible to completely eliminate pain, alleviating discomfort is a possible goal .

Natural remedies to relieve joint pain

Natural medicine is always going to be a great ally and this case is not the exception.  Next, we will specify how nature and its properties can help.

1.  Use clay for poultice

The clay in all its presentations, red or green, is ideal to soothe pain, relieve inflammation and accelerate the recovery process.  It is used for arthritis , osteoarthritis, sprains and bruises.
The poultice should be prepared with a thickness of ½ to 1 cm and used in the painful area.  For rheumatic pain without inflammation, contractures and neuralgia use hot water.  In case of sprains, bumps, reddened areas or inflamed cold water.

Plants that help relieve pain

When it comes to relieving joint pain there are many plants that can be used.  Between them:


It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect ideal for joint pain.  In addition, it reduces the risks of joint degeneration as it acts as a protector.  It should be sought in the form of extract and takes 350 to 450 mg, maximum three times a day.


Its healing benefits are ideal to take advantage of in case of acute rheumatic disorders.  It is also anti-inflammatory.  It can be obtained in the form of a dry extract and should be avoided in cases of gallstones, pregnancy or lactation.


During joint pains many compounds are involved in the inflammation of the affected place.  In these cases the ginger , especially its root, blocks its effects and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  It should not be consumed in case of stomach ulcers.


It is a relaxing and natural sedative that will help reduce muscle tension and relieve pain in the joints.  However, this option should be ruled out in case of respiratory insufficiency, taking of anxiolytics, pregnancy or lactation.

Natural supplements

Nature also provides us with vitamins and minerals that will help you soothe joint pain.  Before going into detail, we recommend that you consult a specialist to tell you if you can take them in your case.

Organic sulfur

It is the most used in these pathologies because it is a calming par excellence and provides greater elasticity and spongyness to the cartilage.  It is recommended in cases of tendonitis, arthritis and osteoarthritis.
To the day it takes 3 grams distributed maximum in three intakes after meals.  Do not use in anticoagulant treatments, during pregnancy or lactation.

Sango coral

It contains more than 70 minerals and all you need to maintain good bone and neuromuscular health, such as magnesium and calcium.
At the day it takes maximum two grams in two intakes after meals, for one to three months.

Magnesium and hydrolyzed collagen

Magnesium is necessary for the metabolism of calcium and collagen.  In joint pain it helps reduce the risks of contractures and muscle spasms.  You can take 200 to 400 mg a day during meals for a period of 15 or 30 days.
On the other hand, with the hydrolyzed collagen you will improve the elasticity in the joints and will provide greater firmness to the tissues.  Take 5 to 12 grams a day.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate

It is essential for the complete recovery of the affected joint since they are the two basic components of the cartilage.  By taking this supplement you will provide greater protection and calm the pains.  Take between 1200 and 1500 mg of glucosamine daily and 600 to 800 mg of chondroitin sulfate for three months in a row.  Then rest a month, resume treatment for two more months and return to the same rest period.

Exercise, diet and good habits

Exercise is essential to deal with pain in the joints as it allows the joints and muscles to maintain a constant movement.
Perform any physical activity continuously after the inflammatory outbreak passes.  During this period of rest he performs stretching and slight movements in the affected joint.  In this way, you will prevent the disease or discomfort from progressing.
Bad habits like tobacco completely harm the process of recovery from joint pain.  Avoid them and follow a healthy life trying, also, a good diet.  Although there is no specific diet for these ailments, the goal is to avoid obesity.

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