Monday, December 17, 2018

Home treatment to eliminate dark circles

Dark circles are a common sign of fatigue, but they can also indicate respiratory problems, high consumption of caffeine and, of course, poor stress management.
Although dark circles can appear for various reasons, the good news is that there are home treatments (and natural) that can help disguise them and even make them disappear completely.  Therefore, below we share some tricks for you to put into practice.
Of course, no treatment will be complete without good habits of life, among which stand out: good rest and proper nutrition.  Do not forget that dark circles not only indicate lack of sleep, but also the state of health of the person.

Treatment to eliminate dark circles

1.  Clean your face

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to wash the face with fresh water and an appropriate soap.  In this way, oily waste and other accumulations of waste will be eliminated throughout the day.

2.  Place a damp cloth on the eyes

Place a damp cloth in the refrigerator for a few minutes.  Do not let it freeze, just cool it down to place it directly on your forehead and eyes, before going to sleep. This is an alternative version of the gel mask.
In total, the cold cloth should be left on the eyes for about 5-6 minutes.  Then rest about 10 minutes and put the cold cloth over the eyes.  Repeating this action every night before sleep can help to reduce dark circles.

3.  Put on tea bags or infusion

Prepare the tea or infusion of your choice and, once it cools, drain the bag slightly and place it on the bags under the eyes for about 20 minutes.  Eye, these should be at room temperature or warm.  Once the time has elapsed, it is necessary to rinse the face to remove the tea residue.

4.  Apply cucumber slices

This is a very famous trick and it can not be missing in facial beauty treatments .  It is only necessary to cut a couple of slices of fresh cucumber and then chop them in half, and place them under each eyelet while resting.

5.  Massage with coconut oil

Finally, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil  with a tablespoon of almond oil and massage gently under your eyes.  Let it act for twenty minutes.  This action will not only help to reduce dark circles and moisturize the skin of the eyes but also to favor the growth of the eyelashes.

What if the dark circles do not disappear?

If in spite of following these treatments the dark circles do not disappear, then it means that your body is screaming for you to give you a little more rest, that is why we give you some additional recommendations that you must follow so that your eyes can get rid of that horrible dark color that surrounds them.
As a first step, you should try to rest for at least seven to eight hours a day , this is one of the best ways to end the dark circles.
Also, you should use a good moisturizer every day that is special for the eye area, so that area of ​​the skin will look great.  Try to avoid smoking and alcohol as well as drinks that contain, too much caffeine, since they highlight the dark circles even more.
Do your best to maintain a healthy diet , with lots of fruits and vegetables; exercise and take at least two liters of water a day, this will be the best you can provide not only to your eyes removing dark circles, but to your entire body.

In conclusion

Dark circles may be more or less marked as the case may be.  However, the truth is that they are not always liked by the person.  And beyond the solution that makeup can offer when it comes to disguising them, what you really want is to reduce them as much as possible.
With this treatment to eliminate dark circles, you will get to pamper yourself a little more and increase your weekly well-being.  So encourage yourself to incorporate it into your personal care routine and you will see that the benefits will not only be physical but also emotional.

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