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How to quickly remove small warts from the skin with the help of a single ingredient

Warts on the skin are unsightly and highly contagious.  Luckily, there are natural ways to eliminate them without causing skin aggressions.  Discover this treatment with just one ingredient.
To eliminate small warts on the skin, expensive pharmacological treatments are not necessary.  While these can be effective, there are several alternative solutions that give good results without the need to spend more.  Do you suffer from this problem?
Warts are benign growths with a rough appearance that make the skin look unsightly.  They usually form in areas such as the fingers, neck, knees, among others.  They do not represent a health risk, but they warn of the presence of the human papillomavirus (HPV).
About 100 subtypes of this virus are known, but not all of them generate serious consequences in the organism.  Luckily, in this particular case, you can fight using just a natural ingredient full of benefits.  Do not hesitate to try it!

How to remove small warts from the skin with an ingredient

The natural ingredient that can help eliminate small warts on the skin is nothing more and nothing less than onion.  This vegetable, known for its multiple gastronomic and medicinal applications, contains active ingredients that fight the virus externally and internally.

Its sulfur compounds, which are stimulants of blood circulation , promote the process of cell regeneration and improve the condition of the skin.  Similarly, they inhibit the proliferation of viruses and prevent the spread of this problem to other areas of the body.
On the other hand, the onion juice provides vitamins and minerals that strengthen the body's immune system, a determining factor to fight against infectious agents.  Its consumption increases the presence of antibodies and prevents complications from being generated.
In summary, the onion is an ally to eliminate small warts on the skin because:
  • Strengthens defenses and helps fight against viruses
  • Softens the protuberances and facilitates their elimination
  • Protects the skin against viral and bacterial infections
  • Facilitates the elimination of dead cells
  • Provides vitamin C, a nutrient that combats the effects of oxidative stress on the dermis
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease the symptoms of acne and infections
  • It promotes the healing process and prevents marks remaining after removing the warts

Remedy with onion to remove small warts on the skin

Taking advantage of the onion as an ally to remove small warts from the skin is very simple.  In fact, as we already mentioned, it can be used internally and externally.  So, if you want to consume it, take 3 tablespoons of onion juice a day.

Now, to apply it externally, follow the procedure that we give you below.

You need:

  • 1 raw onion
  • Cotton disk
  • Adhesive bandage


  • Cut the raw onion and pass it through a juice extractor.  If you do not have this tool, process it in the blender until you get a juice.

Application mode

  • Dip a cotton disk in the liquid and rub it over the wart.
  • Then, cover the preparation with an adhesive bandage and let it work all night.
  • The next morning, remove the bandage and rinse.
  • Repeat the remedy every night until the wart is removed.

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