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How to seal the ends of the hair: 4 natural remedies

Are you looking for options to seal the ends of the hair?  We all love having beautiful hair, discover the best options in this article.
Are you looking for options to seal the ends of the hair?  We all love having beautiful hair, silky and shiny, like magazine.  However, we also love to cut, dye, iron, brush and subject to a number of things that can make our hair dull, dull and mistreated.
Do you buy hundreds of cosmetic products?  If this is your case, there is something you must keep in mind: you are subjecting your hair to an infinity of chemicals that in the long term affects not only the hair but also the scalp . This can cause dandruff, irritations, rashes and redness.
On this occasion we have selected five natural remedies that you can use to seal the ends of the hair.  They will all help you keep your scalp healthy and hydrated and without spending too much.  Take note and apply all the remedies that we mentioned.  Then choose the one that best suits you and your needs.

1.  Avocado and almond oil

This hair mask is one of the best known.  It is an effective low cost option to seal the ends of the hair.  Because they are rich in fat, you will notice changes immediately.


  • ½ ripe avocado
  • 2 teaspoons of almond oil (10 ml).


  • Make the avocado a puree and mix with the oil.
  • Apply on the hair from the middle to the tips.
  • Leave on for half an hour and rinse.
This mask provides vitamin K and folic acid that improve the appearance of your hair from the inside . The natural oils of avocado and almonds not only seal the ends of the hair, they also encourage hair growth.

2.  Beer to seal the ends of the hair

Although beer is usually the drink of choice for an afternoon with friends, it has many other alternative uses. One of them is to use it as an ally to seal the ends of the hair.  For this trick you only need to moisten your hair with the contents of a beer can.
Once it is dry, rinse and you will have healthy and beautiful hair.  Just take into account that its ingredients can also clarify the natural tone of your hair If you do not want this effect, try the rest of the alternatives that we give you.

3.  Papaya

Papaya is known for its numerous benefits for the skin.  An alternative to seal the tips of the hair is to use a piece of crushed papaya as a mask.  You will notice the softness and shine from the first application.
You can apply this remedy as many times as you want, although once a week will be more than enough.  However, if your hair is badly damaged you may need more applications per week.
Vitamin A and papain help improve the appearance of hair and fight dandruff . For this reason, a good option is to apply this mask before an event in which you want to look perfect.

4.  Argan oil

The argan oil is well known for its benefits to the hair as it ensures softness and natural shine. It is possible that on more than one occasion you have purchased products that have it as a main ingredient but the most effective way is pure.
A good option is to apply directly after washing the hair.  For this, simply buy the oil at any local pharmacy and apply about 5 drops after washing it.
Another alternative is to add about 20 ml of argan oil to a large shampoo bottle (approximately one liter). In this way, you manage to seal the ends of the hair without complicating treatments or masks.  Are you ready to show off the perfect hair?  With these remedies you will have it easy, just choose your favorite option.

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