Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How to take care of your face with clay

Remember that for the mask to fulfill its functions we must apply it on the clean face, so it is important that we exfoliate the area before.

For the face, you should always use green clay (montmorillonite) or white clay (kaolinite), and distilled or non-chlorinated water, to mix.  Metal containers or spoons should not be used; but of clay, glass, earthenware or wood.
The clay  absorbs impurities and fat accumulated in the skin, drags dead cells, and stimulates circulation .  It can be combined with essential oils or medicinal plants to cleanse the skin more deeply and enhance its properties.
Although clay moisturizes and helps restore muscle tone, in dry or very sensitive skin it can produce very mild irritation.  The fine particles in the skin have an effect similar to an exfoliant .  But do not be alarmed, the clay cleanses and balances the pH of the skin , it is only a passing reaction.
These clays indicated for the face contain, among other ingredients:
  • Cobalt: helps eliminate dead cells and polish the skin in depth.
  • Magnesium: it provides firmness and elasticity,
  • Zinc, silicon and copper: responsible for producing elastin and collagen, for a more flexible and tight skin.

How to choose the ideal clay for your skin type

For skin with a lot of acne,  it is advisable to apply a green clay mask once a week.
The people who have white granites on their skin, can add two or three drops of essential oil from the tea tree.  Thanks to their antibacterial effect they will help to fight against these small cutaneous infections.
For oily skin, the best ones are green clay masks and seaweed extract.  They provide vitamins and minerals, in addition to leaving the skin smooth and nourished.
For dry or sensitive skin, white clay masks mixed with wheat germ oil and almond oil, and a few drops of calendula extract are recommended.  This combination will help moisturize and soften the skin.
For mixed skin, the most effective are green clay masks with a spoonful of brewer's yeast and a teaspoon of virgin olive oil.  It will help to nourish the drier part without overloading the fat part, thus the skin will be rebalanced in depth.
All masks should be applied with a clean and exfoliated face.  Do not remove the mask until it is dry, when you will notice a slight tightness.  Use a sponge and rinse your face with cold water.

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