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How to whiten teeth with natural products

The apple can help you clean your teeth if you are away from home and you can not brush them after eating

These days, dental medications for teeth brightening are popular . In any case, they are made with intrusive items that end up harming the covering of the teeth, and it is irreversible. You don't need to get to those boundaries or spend a fortune on teeth brightening strategies. In the event that you are searching for white teeth, don't falter to attempt the accompanying characteristic items.

How are teeth stained?

The enamel that covers the teeth is slightly porous and is "filled" with what we eat.  Therefore, if we drink wine or eat blueberries, we are left with a violet color.  That's not a problem because we brush our teeth and ready
However, there are foods and drinks that stain the teeth more penetrating and eventually leaving them a yellowish or brownish, really very unsightly.
Colored drinks such as coffee , tea or soft drinks are in this list of foods that stain teeth.  Also the cigarette and bad oral hygiene help to damage the painting, that is, increase the porosity of the enamel.
The corrosive in specific sustenances additionally harms the teeth . Eating meat, dairy items, eggs, citrus organic products, refined sugar, brew, fake sugars, soda pops or vegetable oils exacerbates things. We can likewise incorporate desserts, however most importantly, the recurrence with which we devour them. 

A common slip-up is to brush your teeth when we complete the process of eating. The facts confirm this keeps cavities from shaping yet in addition motivations the finish to have no opportunity to recuperate its hardness.

Beneficial foods

In the contrary walkway are the sustenances that assistance you keep your teeth white. Among the leafy foods are pears, apples , carrots, cucumbers, cauliflowers, lettuce, broccoli and spinach.
Some for their fiber, others have supplements that make a defensive film in the lacquer of the teeth, hence keeping them from recoloring. Thusly, cheeses serve since they have proteins and fats to kill the acids of different sustenances. Additionally in light of the fact that they invigorate the generation of spit that has phosphorus and calcium, serving to remineralize the polish .

Homemade tooth whitening recipes

How about we see a few cures that will enable you to brighten your teeth in a straightforward and normal way: 


Rub for 45 seconds the teeth with within an orange strip , the white part between the bark and the fragments, called mesocarp and containing substance to make your teeth more white. Brush thirty minutes after the fact.

Strawberries and baking

Make a paste of strawberry and baking soda.  The strawberries act as a natural bleaching agent.  Just crush the fruit and mix with the other ingredient.
Apply on the teeth and leave 20 minutes , then rinse.  Wait 30 more minutes and brush as usual.  Do not abuse this remedy (as much as possible once a week or every other week).


Rub your teeth with within a banana strip for two minutes . You can play out this method the same number of times as you need every day. It has salicylic corrosive that applies a magnificent brightening power in the finish. 

Carbon dust 

Make coal dust and place it on the toothbrush, rub every one of the teeth. While it might be an abnormal sensation (as on account of wood fiery debris), many case that it is the best solution for brightening teeth.

Other remedies

  • Eat a cut of papaya or an apple every day. These organic products serve to reinforce the gums and in the meantime leave white teeth.
  • Place two tablespoons of sage leaves in a container with bubbling water. Give cool and make a chance to wash. You can likewise bite a leaf in the wake of eating.
  • Blend two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one of water. Rub delicately over recolored teeth. Flush with a lot of water.
  • Make a glue with 1 tablespoon of brewer's yeast, 2 teaspoons of salt and water. Brush with this planning as though it were the toothpaste.
  • Blend a large portion of some brewer's yeast and two teaspoons of salt to make a glue. Brush your teeth with it.

Baking soda for teeth whitening

All the home remedies that were detailed above are very effective if you are looking to leave your pearly color denture.  However, all agree that there is no better treatment than sodium bicarbonate .
It is an alternative that is more ecological and healthy for your teeth, but you will also stop using toothpaste, if that is your preference.  Just pour ¼ teaspoon of baking soda into a cup and moisten the toothbrush with tap water.  Dip it in the baking so that it sticks and brushes as if it were any toothpaste.
If you put a lot of it, it can have a salty or acidic effect on your mouth, but do not worry, it will go away as soon as you rinse it well with water.  However,  this should be done very rarely in the month, since excessive use can damage the tooth enamel.

Final tips for whiter teeth

  • Always keep your mouth clean.
  • Do not brush hard.
  • He uses dental floss.
  • Stop smoking .
  • Reduce the consumption of coffee, tea or soft drinks.

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