Monday, December 31, 2018

Mask for the eye area

The eye area is an area that we must take care of properly.  Today we will learn how to make a mask to keep the skin of this area hydrated, without bags or wrinkles.
Many of the face creams we use already specify it "do not apply in the eye area" .  This is because the skin in this area is much more sensitive and using the wrong products can damage it.  For that reason, today we will learn to make a mask for the eye contour.
ince the skin of this area is so delicate, there is no better way to take care of it than with an inexpensive mask that we can make with homemade products .  Today we will discover how.  But, first, we are going to find out more about this area that needs to be given due attention.

The eye contour

Undoubtedly, this is one of the areas in which the marks of expression begin to make an appearance .  The eyes have a lot of expressiveness.  If the crow's feet appear prematurely or do, also, some wrinkles in this area, it is clear.
As some studies make clear, "the skin around the eyes is very thin [...], it has very few sebaceous glands and it distends very easily".
However, a poor care of the eye contour can also cause bags and dark circles that are quite unsightly.  If we do not give them a quick solution, they may stay there forever and then be very difficult to eliminate.
To avoid this type of problems we can make some changes in our habits , in addition to preparing the mask for the eye contour of which we will talk later.

Habits that improve the eye contour

Do we smoke?  Do we lead a sedentary life ?  Do we usually sleep with the makeup on?  All this can have its consequences on the eye contour.  Let's see some habits that we should start introducing and that will make a big difference:
  • Make-up every night : no excuses and we can not be lazy, but always using very soft products that do not irritate this area.
  • Use sunscreen : not only on the face, but also around the eyes, because this area is also affected by the sun's rays that favor the premature aging of the skin.
  • Do physical exercise : either walking or doing some activity in the gym is essential to improve the circulatory system and avoid fluid retention, problems that often lead to dark circles and bags.
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol in excess : these habits carried out daily can make our skin age earlier than expected.  Therefore, it is important to replace them or consume these substances from time to time.

Mask for the eye area

Now that we know a little more about the eye contour, we will see how to prepare a mask for the eye contour with simple and natural ingredients .  Try it!


  • 1 carrot
  • 1 orange

How to use

  • Chop the carrot into small pieces and apply it around the eyes.
  • Let it act for 20 minutes.
  • After this time we will remove the carrot gently.
  • Afterwards, we cut the orange in half.
  • We will take a cotton and apply a little orange juice on it.
  • We will clean the area around the eyes where the carrot was.
  • We let the orange juice work all night.
  • We must take special care that it does not enter our eyes.
This mask for the eye contour is important that we do it during the night .  If it is not possible for us, do not forget to throw on sunscreen and use dark glasses to go outside with it on.
It is recommended to apply this mask for the eye area every week.  As we observe some improvement, we can more space the application.

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