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Why does not hair grow? 5 possible causes

Following a healthy and balanced diet is essential to recover normality if the hair does not grow.  It is likely that the nutrients we ingest are being used for other functions.
If you have asked yourself, "Why does not hair grow?", This article is addressed to you.  Sometimes, there are some causes to which we can put a solution so that our hair grows faster.
Today we will talk about up to 5 causes among which may be the reasons why hair does not grow.  We will see each one of them carefully and, in the pertinent cases, we will give some possible solutions.
In any case, we recommend that you visit a dermatologist so that you can review your particular case and obtain an appropriate solution, if any, to resolve this problem.

Causes of why hair does not grow

1.  The anagen phase

The anagen phase is the stage in which the hair grows .  After this phase, the catagen takes place, transition stage, and finally the telogen in which the hair falls.  This is the natural cycle of our hair.
However, the anagen phase may vary, for different reasons, in one person or another .
If in your case the anagen phase lasts only 2 years, it is very possible that your hair will cost to grow, since its cycle is much shorter.  Normally, the anagen phase lasts between 2 and 7 years.

2.  The age

If the hair does not grow, the reason may be age .  As we age, just as our skin begins to lose collagen, our hair tends to grow much more slowly.
We can find products that promise faster hair growth; however, it is difficult for them to compete with what is causing a delay of the anagen phase, as in this case is age.

3.  The type of hair

Do you have curly hair?  Then, perhaps you have the feeling that you do not grow your hair as fast as others or even that your growth is stagnant.
This happens because the hair curl shrinks and does not grow straight , but curves to make the loops.  Therefore, it may seem that it grows more slowly.
To check that this type of hair has grown, we just have to stretch a loop.  It is only a matter of perception.  However, there are other types of hair that can also favor slower growth.
For example, if I have thin and fragile hair, with very low density and that usually cakes, you may notice that the hair does not grow.  Due to these characteristics the hair can have a shorter life cycle, since it can break, split and fall more easily.

4.  Stress and its impact on hair

Stress can become one of the reasons why hair does not grow as fast as we would like.  This usually happens, especially in cases of chronic stress .
Sometimes, stress can lead to a dermatitis that causes irritation of the skin of the scalp.  This causes the hair follicles to become inflamed and the hair cycle to be much shorter.
If you have ever gone through a time of great stress you will have noticed that your hair falls out more than usual.  This is because the anagen phase slows down , at the same time as the hair cycle is faster.
To avoid this, there are mindfulness and meditation exercises that can help you.

5.  The importance of good nutrition

The phrase "we are what we eat" should be taken more seriously , because if we feed poorly, our hair is more likely to grow more slowly.  Why can this happen?
  • If our body does not receive the necessary nutrients, it will try to make the most of the few that it has for other more urgent functions than hair growth.
  • A diet poor in fruits and vegetables will cause the hair to be seen with lack of vitality and brightness.  This will also affect our skin.  Therefore, feeding ourselves properly is essential.
Now that you know some possible answers to the question "why does not hair grow?" It  is necessary to identify those causes that can be solved and those that can not.  If the reason is age, we can hardly deal with this.
However, if diet or stress are the reasons why your hair does not grow, then it is time to start introducing healthier habits.

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