Isra & Meraaj The Outer Stairways Towards the Lord of the Universes by Alarcon

Isra & Meraaj: The Outer Stairways Towards the Lord of the Universes by Alarcon

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In the year 621 CE, God took the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) on a miraculous journey known as Isra & Meraaj. He (pbuh) was given a celestial steed, called Buraq, to ride on. He (pbuh) tumbled over a pitcher of water when he (pbuh) was carried away by it. The Buraq reached Masjid Al-Aqsa in a blink of an eye. He (pbuh) then ascended to the Heavens and reached the celestial Lote Tree through a wormhole coined as the celestial ladder. He (pbuh) then went beyond to meet the Lord of the universes. He (pbuh) returned from the Heavens to Jerusalem and back home to find his (pbuh) bed still warm and the pitcher of water which he (pbuh) tumbled over, was not even completely drained out! How is it possible for anyone to travel in no time? This book attempts to explain the mystery of Isra and Meraaj by the Quranic directives through unifying different branches of knowledge in order to bring it to the very frontiers of our intellect. It will explore space time dimensions, the human personality, history, spirituality, the meaning of Buraq, its relation to psychology and the dormant primal energy innate in humans. This book aims to give some possible explanations or at least point to some potential directions without putting a capstone over it thus, leaving it open for readers to explore further. About the Author Alarcon (pen name) was born in Singapore. In his teens, he explored different religions and became an atheist until he was gripped by a grand Divine Experience that ignited his search proper. Alarcon went to study the fundamentals of Islamic education in Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo East Java, Indonesia but due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to abruptly terminate his education in his second year to return home. He continued his secular education from University of Cambridge under PSB Academy and branched out to IT studies from Microsoft Corporation and Excom Education. After working for a few years, he pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Human and Religious Sciences from IIUM that included philosophy, civilizations, politics, critical and creative thinking, psychology, comparative religions and branches of Islamic sciences.