Lockie and Lakshmi by Kelley Benjamin Bonimy and Dr. Sheela Warrier

Lockie and Lakshmi by Kelley Benjamin¬ Bonimy and Dr. Sheela Warrier

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Set in contemporary Singapore, 'Lockie and Lakshmi' is a children's book. The story is about two fun-loving, vivacious six-year old girls coming from two culturally different backgrounds. They love the things that most little girls like, school, friends, dressing up, fitting in and last but not least beautiful hair! Lakshmi has never seen anything like it before....... Lockie’s wormy hair! She is mesmerised as Lockie shows up to school with long dreadlocks all dolled up. Lockie on the other hand, does not like all of the attention that her hair is drawing. Their moms step in and tell the girls that enough is enough. Can they help Lakshmi and Lockie realise what is really important? Both Kelley Benjamin¬ Bonimy teaches at an international school in Singapore. Dr. Sheela Warrier is a Reseach Associate in Singapore.